Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Purple Interlude

I am sitting opposite you at the table. The sun is streaming into our little secluded spot out on the deck.

You are are wearing your purple sun dress which shows an ample portion of your silky smooth thighs and, if I am lucky, tantalizing peeks at your panties as we climb the stairs.

I am in some baggy shorts which allow for plenty of "growth" and do not give away any clues as to whether I am commando or not. A loose Tee covers an aged well body.

As we talk about the day you start to run your hand along your thigh and pull up the hem of your dress. I am able to peek and see some blue showing and am guessing you have on the sheer blue panties that I love the feel of against my cock.

I get the hint and stretch my leg and begin to rub the smooth skin between your thighs. You move in your chair to give me more access and start to run your fingers over the area covering your pussy. I have to move to let my cock grow under my baggies.

As my toes move closer to your panty line you let out a low moan and fling your head back which pushes your hips towards me, allowing my toes to help your fingers caress your moist swollen lips.

Not being able to handle it any longer I unzip and reach in for my cock. It springs to attention in front of you and you admire its hardness as I begin to stroke it.

I am changing the pace of my strokes, giving the soft flexible skin very quick strokes, then slowing the pace and moving my hand slowly up and down the hard rod. All the while teasing and caressing your pussy lips with my toes.

You again move your hips, this time to allow your panties to be moved aside so that your fingers can access your hard clit and allow my toes more access to your pussy lips.

As you motion your fingers over your clit, running it in circles, slowly, then quickly, then slowly again, I see you building.

Building to your moment of release.

I ask you to tell me when you are near. I will try and hold mine until you are ready.

Rubbing, teasing, stroking, circling. Fingers are a blur, fists are pumping.

The moment is near, your hips buck, juices flow, groans escape. I can't hold back, a final pump releases.

A thick stream of white paste lands on your silky smooth skin.

Another grunt, another thrust.

Then quietness, as we both sit and catch our breath in the morning sun.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

HNT - Lacy Play

Having a playful time with MF's lacy panties - Mmmmmmm

Have a happy HNT

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Microfantasy Monday - Unease

My hands twist and turn against their constraints.

The silk blindfold feels smooth and cool across my eyes.

The cool air swirling around my naked body, sending shivers along my torso.

The silence of the room making me uneasy, wondering what you have in store for me.

I am not sure how long it has been since I thought I heard you leave the room.

The anticipation waiting for your return has me on edge, my senses tuned to every sound and vibration.

Suddenly I hear an almost imperceptible catch of breath. A trick of the wind?

Then there is the undeniable sliding of chair leg against the polished wooden floor.

You had not left the room. I speak.

"Who is there?"

"Shhhh...." is the only reply, followed by a moist and sticky finger sliding along my inner thigh. Sliding up to clasp my manhood and gently begin to stroke. Bringing it to life.

The stroking continues as another sensation adds to the confusion. A sharp tang of nails against my nipples, scratching at the hairs on my chest.

My hips thrust against the strokes, as I feel you straddle my body. A moist warm opening begins to envelope my stiff manhood...

Microfantasy Mondays are a creation of Sweltering Celt, for rules and ideas check out the sweltering Celt blog

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Becky's Day Out

Some fun at the show - lowflykiwi

I know I need to stop this. I know it will get me into trouble one day. But I just can not keep away from older men. They fascinate me, their experience, their bodies, their minds.

I know. I have had younger men, of my own age, but they just don't know how to treat me properly, they do not know how I want to be treated. Rough, nasty, being used, that is how I like it. Older men who are not getting it from their wifes, or are divorced and need a release, these are the men that I find can satisfy me properly. Satisfy me, while they get their rocks off with their fetishes.

Hi, I'm Becky, and I want to tell you a story. It's about want happened just the other weekend when my best friend and I took our kids to the Town Show - you know the one, side shows, petting pens, joy rides, air castles and slides, and all.

The show was being held at the local sports field. This field usually hosted cricket during the summer, and soccer during the winter. As the show was scheduled for right in the middle of the cricket season each year the town usually got into a bit of a fuss. Some arguing over damage to the cricket pitches, disrupting the training schedules etc. But it was usually decided by all, after the show left town, that the break from all the infighting, and back stabbing, between the local cricket clubs was worth it.

Anyway back to my story. Rachael and I have been friends for so long. It is hard to imagine a time when we were not friends. We have both got young families, I have two darling little girls, and she has an adorable little man. We had decided the day out to the show would allow us to get out from the daily grind of kid watching and housekeeping, and let the kids have some fun.

When Saturday arrived I was feeling a little playful, I hadn't been with a man for a while. Yes, I had my friends in the virtual world and they provide relief, but as you girls know, to be really satisfied, we need the real thing every now and then. In my case, between my legs, my breasts and other places.

As I stood after my shower, looking in the full length mirror on the bathroom door. I saw a 24 year old, young mother of two. Standing 5 foot with what I call chubby proportions, but my friends say I am well endowed with 34DD breasts and have a curvaceous figure to match.
My friends are so sweet, but I still think I am over weight. Plump. Chubby. My breasts are my biggest asset. They hang down from my chest so I usually wear low cut, quite revealing tops, with push up bras to make them stand out. My aureole are pink in colour and are on the bigger side. My nipples are quite small but can be coaxed into life with a good sucking and flicking. My left nipple is pierced and if a guy knows how to caress the stud the right way I enjoy it the most.

My face is nothing special to write home about, but I do have some good friends, who tell me my smile brightens their day every time they see it. My hair is usually cut to below shoulder length and is either left free or tied into a ponytail. It changes colour as my mood changes, but is mousy brown naturally. For Saturday I had it coloured a light Auburn and had some crinkles added to fluff it up a bit.

My belly button also has a piercing. The little diamond stud I have there can give me so much pleasure if it is treated right. My stomach curves out to my hips that encase a shaved pussy that this morning looked hungry and ready to eat cock. In my eyes my thighs are a little too big, but again those great friends say they fill the figure out and make the whole effect perfect. I just have to disagree though.

I stood there for a moment, I could not help it, I just had to have a quick taste. I moved a hand down over my mound and let it slide over my lips. A quick stab of my finger, and I let out a quiet moan. I brought my finger to my mouth and tasted the warmth left there. Oh boy was someone going to get it today...

* * *

As Rachael and I entered the show, the kids became excited, they wanted to see all the animals in the petting zoo, go for a ride on the miniature steam train, play in the fireman's foam spray and several of the other attractions that had caught their eye.

We set off towards the petting zoo. On the way we passed the air castle, which the kids are just a bit too young for. I notice one of the staff working on the fan system for the castle. He is an older guy, looks middle 30ish or so, a closely trimmed beard with a bit of grey. Turns out he is 45, but he is fit and looks younger. His upper torso covered in the tank top singlet, which is covered in sweat from the hot July sun. His buns are covered with cut off jean shorts that come down to the middle of his thighs.

As he bent over his arse stuck up in the air. Cute is all I could think.

We continued onto the petting zoo. The kids have some fun petting lambs, rabbits and the rest. My mind was not really on the animals. All I was thinking of was that cute arse in those jeans and I wondered what the bulge would be like from the front on view.

We left the petting zoo to head for the miniature steam train and had to pass the air castle again. This time the guy was taking tickets for the ride, and happened to look up and notice me. He really couldn't miss me. I had put on one of my hottest outfits.

After the shower, and play, I had dressed in a halter top that really exposed my boobs to their best effect. The guys from the ice cream, food dispensing caravans, and stalls, all had a good perv of my cleavage as they served their wares. As they were standing higher than me, when they leaned over the counter all they saw, or were interested in, was my ample milky white chest. Many had problems handing over the change, and had stammered their requests for providing more assistance. This had made me feel excited, but as I said I am a girl for the older gentleman, and had only flirted back.

I had on a pleated mini-skirt that showed off my white legs and bum to their fullest effect. I had on a pair of knickers that had England printed across the bum and Play Zone across the front. Not the sexiest I have, but very cheeky. My shoes were not stiletto high heels, but they were strapy sandal things. High heels would have been too impractical for the grass we spent most of the day walking over.

I had my hair tied back in a ponytail to make sure there would be no disruption to the view of my chest.

When the air castle attendant smiled at me I knew that he would be my prey for the day. I smiled back and bit my bottom lip with a little twist of my body. His attention on me was distracted by people entering the castle, I turned to Rachael and said “Honey, I think I have one on the hook.”

Knowing exactly what I meant she said, “Go for it girl. I'll look after the kids, have fun.”

I bent over to kiss the kids goodbye, making sure my bum was facing the attendant. As I went to stand up again I chanced a quick glance over and saw that he had seen my show. It was confirmed by him shifting his stance to allow some movement about his crotch area, the hook was baited.

Once Rachael had moved off with the kids I moved to stand in the queue for the air castle. When it got to my turn at the front of the queue the attendant said hi and asked for my ticket. As I had not bought one, I asked if I could still go on the castle if I promise him a favour in return. “What might that be,” he asked.

“Ohh, I don't know maybe a romp with these puppies,” I replied, as I gently swung my boobs in front of him. I could see him getting uncomfortable.

He leaned over and whispered. “Okay honey, you can go on the castle now. We break for lunch in half an hour, I want you back here then for my private ride.” He was probably thinking, “Yeah, she will be gone and I will be left here with this hard on. But at least the tit and bum show was worth the cost of a ticket.”

I went on into the castle and had some fun bouncing around and playing. It was fun and got me all hot and bothered. After the ride, as I passed the attendant, I introduced myself and confirmed the time lunch would be. James introduced himself, and not quite believing I was asking, said he would close the castle for lunch in 10 mins. Good, I thought, that would be just enough time for me to get a drink of water.

On returning with my drink I saw that James had put up signs saying the ride was closing for an hour for lunch, and that the castle would be under maintenance.

“Maintenance?” I asked, as I walked up to him. “Like to maintain these?” as I pulled down my top enough to expose my nipples to just him. This caused me to spill a little water over my breasts. The coolness felt good against my hot summer sun baked skin.

James moved towards me, and went to lean in and apply his mouth to my mounds, but I pulled away and ran into the castle. James followed.

As I bounced around on the castle my boobs made their escape from my top and were flopping about. My mini-skirt flared up and showed off my knickers. Both the England on the rear, and the Play Zone on the front, could easily be seen by my pursuer. As James chased me I could feel his hands groping my breasts, and running them over my knickers and legs. I could feel myself getting moist with the anticipation of his groping.

At one point he stopped to get his breath and I pounced. Landing at his feet on the castle's floor. This made him bounce up and lose balance. As he came crashing down on top of me I could feel his stiff cock under his shorts against my upper thigh. I wriggled a bit to allow him to drop between my legs, and his bulge rubbed against my lower area. As he lay on top of me he started to apply light kisses to my breasts. His beard was sending tingly shock waves through my body as he lightly brushed it against my nipples while looking up into my face. I started to whisper to him. “You like my tits? Nip them, bite them. I'll let you fuck them.”

With this I could feel his bulge grow, and he let out a groan as no doubt it was hurting as it strained against his shorts. He began to suck my nipples, trying to get them erect. He massaged my breasts with his hands as I lay there giving little cries of pleasure. His sucking became more intense and he started to use his teeth to take little nips at my nipples.

It was when he tugged on the stud that my body reacted and I jerked and wiggled under him. I could feel his teeth grate against the metal of the stud. My knickers were now moist with my nectar.

As we lay there, moving our bodies together, the floor of the castle was moving with our motion. Building up a rhythm along with us. I could feel James dry humping me. His cock busting at the material of his shorts.

I could not take this much longer. I said to James that I needed more of him. “I want you to fuck my tits, fuck my arse and cum over my face. You are just a fucking cum canon and I want you to cum all over me.”

James was taken aback a bit by the dirty talk, but I had my means to determine he liked it. His cock was now rubbing fully erect and hard over my pussy, through his shorts and my wet knickers.

I said to him that we need to get out of here and get a little more privacy. He replied that he could not leave the show, but he knew a place where we would not be disturbed by anyone. As he got off me he gave my breasts another tease, and then helped me up. I attempted to straighten out my top and dress while following him from the castle. He seemed to be walking with a funny gate as he tried to reposition his stiff member.

We walked out of the castle and into the bright sunshine. James called over to his business partner that he had something to take care of, and would be back in a bit. His partner, who was also a bit cute, winked back at him, and called out, “Do everything I would do.”

As James led me down a path running through some bushes he suddenly pulled me off to the side and into a thicket. We then pushed through into a small clearing. I could see a building 20, or so, metres away. It was the back of the Cricket pavilion.

As we entered the clearing James said to me, “So you like it dirty and rough, you cum whore?”

With these words I again felt a warmness build in me and a tingling that made me blush. “Oh, fuck you turn me on talking dirty. Talk dirty to me, call me names, use my body, treat me rough. Do it, do it now.”

James went to drop to his knees, I assume to give my pussy a good working over with his tongue, I stopped him and said. “No, I don't like being licked, or finger fucked. Give me your cock in my cunt. Fuck me in the arse. Come on my tits. Fuck me now.”

With this James moved closer and spun me around. Then pushed me over the root of a large tree that provided some seclusion from the surroundings. With my arse in the air he grabbed my knickers and ripped them down. I could feel them resist being removed due to the stickiness of my juices build up.

“Okay you fuck toy. Here it is.” James grumbled.

I felt his fingers rubbing roughly up and down my pussy. He was making me so wet with his talk and promised fucking I had to let out a soft moan. I heard him undoing his belt and dropping his shorts to his ankles. Then his cock was against my arse crack. He slid it up and down between my butt cheeks.

He pulled apart my pussy lips and placed his cock tip at the entrance to my cunt. “You ready for this you cum bucket?”

“Yes, yes, do me, fuck me, do it.”

With a grunt I felt his cock enter me from behind, stretch me as he rammed it home. His hips slapped against my buttocks and his balls swung hitting my clit. My cunt muscles reacted to his intrusion by clamping down on his cock and he pulled back.

Steadying himself he then began to ram it home, hard, fast, grunting with each thrust. As the rhythm built he started calling me names, his little fuck whore, his big cum slut. I was so hot and ready I started to flick my clit with my free hand. I was crying back to him. “Come on you fuck stud, give it to me. Ram that fuck tool into my cunt, make me squeal.”

As he pumped harder his grunts got louder. The effort was becoming too much to hold in. “You are just a fuck toy with tits, you cock whore.”

Suddenly James pulled out. I was so carried away with him fucking my cunt I was still moving to the motion of his thrusting as he pulled me around and pushed me back onto the ground in front of him. His hard, pussy juice slick, cock standing out from his groin.

He moved to stand over me and then dropped to his knees over my stomach. “You like this, you tit bitch.” He growled.

With some force he grabbed my tits and mashed them together. Moving his hips forward he began to titty fuck me. Slow strokes at first. I started to buck, I wanted more, faster, harder. “Come on you fuck stick, give it to me. Fuck my tits, ram me you fucking cum rod. Cum on my face.”

James was straining now. His cock was so hard and long that each forward stroke was hitting my chin. I could feel his cock pulsating against my chest. The hairs on his legs rubbing my ribs. “Give it to me you fuck rod.”

With a final push he let out a loud, “Oh Fuuuuck.” and his cock began to throb. I grabbed it and started to stroke it. “I want your cum on my face, I want your spunk on my tits, you spunk rocket. Give it to me.” I ordered.

I pulled him forward by his cock and started to use it to slap my face. Whacking it hard against my cheeks. As I started to feel his cock spasm I increased the tempo of my strokes and slapping. I then felt the first pulse from his man tube. The first spurt of cum was warm, sticky and landed on my cheek. Another spurt. This time over my mouth, nose and forehead. I licked at it, tastes good. As I kept wanking James off he spurted a couple of times more over my tits, moaning and grunting as each shot released. When he was finished he lent back on his knees, and rolled over onto to the ground, still hard.

“Fuck for an old man you do have a lot of spunk in you.” I commented, while James was lying there getting his breath back. His cock began to soften.

I laid there for a moment myself scooping up his cum from my chest and tasting it.

“For you, my cum bunny, I have all the spunk in world. Shit, I would love to fuck your arse right now, but I had better get back to the castle, gotta get back to work.” James said looking rather gloomy.

“I could give you my number. You could call me next time you want to use me, my cum stud.” I suggested.

James perked up at that, he jumped to his feet, he seemed to have his breath back. “Bloody fantastic. We need to get back to the castle. My mobile is back there.”

As we got dressed I wiped down my face and tits with my knickers. When I had finished I handed them to James and said, “A reminder to make sure you do call.”

“Oh honey, there is no chance of me not calling. And when I do I'll have a surprise for you...”

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Introduction

lowflykiwi - A writer of erotica, a dreamer of bliss. Recently found love via this Internet thingy. LOL

I will leave all the facts and figures for the Profile page but for the moment here are some details.

lowflykiwi has been in the Internet Sexy Talking and Thoughts arena for going on a year. In fact checking dates and things I think my 1 year anniversary comes up in June Mmmmm Maybe a special Microfantasy Monday posting and a Half Nekkid Thursday posting need to be completed to celebrate :)

I have several places where my work has been posted and enjoyed. But due to some unkown issues my previous blog was taken down, so I have started this one anew. I have files and pictures I can post to try and make this blog as close to my previous effort.

So stand by for a some sexy stories, fun and frolics...